3 Best Warmest Hunting Gloves of 2021

When it comes to hunting, two of the most important parts of the body are the hands. Whether you’re using a bow of any kind or a rifle, you’ll need your hands to aim, remain steady, and to fire. Most people wear gloves when they go hunting, regardless of the season. However, once autumn and winter come around, your regular gloves may not be able to keep your hands warm enough.

Warm hands are important not just for comfort, but for functionality and safety. If your hands are cold, you’ll find the joints harder to move and you may even begin to shiver a bit, which will really throw off your aim. And as regards health, cold hands can potentially get frostbite which can be a serious condition. To avoid all of this, it is integral that you equip yourself with the warmest hunting gloves that you can get.

This article will tell you what you need to look out for to know what makes an excellent pair of hunting gloves, as well as showing you which hunting gloves you can buy now that will keep your hands comfortable and warm through your end of year outdoor sessions.

What makes a good pair of warm winter hunting gloves?


When hunting, your hands are essential for aiming your hunting tool of choice and for firing. You’ll also need your hands to reach for any other equipment you may have, such as a GPS or binoculars. 

A good pair of the warmest hunting gloves should keep your hands as warm as they can before anything else. The best gloves for this will usually contain a form of insulation, such as 3M’s Thinsulate, or will incorporate materials such as wool or fleece to help keep the hands warm.

Some gloves are bulky in order to trap your natural warmth and keep it in the gloves to warm up your hands. Unfortunately, the bulkier they get, the more they will impede movement of the fingers, which is essential for a hunter. An optimal hunting glove will provide proper warmth while not getting thick enough that it might restrict finger mobility.

Another component these hunting gloves can have is camouflage. Gloves are small enough that plain black or navy-blue gloves may do well at going unnoticed, but camouflage never hurts as it helps with the disruption patterns that the rest of your outfit may have.


IMIKEYA Winter Hunting Gloves

In the cold of the forest in winter, you need gloves you can wear and forget about. You need a pair of the warmest hunting gloves that will serve you reliably throughout your sessions. This is exactly what you require in that case.

These gloves are affordable and they come in three different sizes to fit a variety of hands. They are constructed of Lycra, popularly known as spandex, which means they’ll stretch wide to accommodate your hands and then squeeze gently back on them to provide plenty of warmth thanks to the polar fleece that these are lined with. Warmth is covered when you have these on. 

The camouflage pattern on these might not be a favorite but they will certainly assist in disrupting your presence from the vision of your prey. In addition to that, these are waterproof so they won’t get soaked through cold rain or snow, making them incredibly versatile. You can use them efficiently for duck hunting and the like.


HotShot Pop Up Hunting Mittens

When it comes to warmth, mittens are undefeated. The fact that all fingers are in a similar compartment allows them to share warmth, which can really help warm up   quickly. Unfortunately, however, mittens are not good when you need to use your fingers for more dexterous tasks. This is where regular gloves would excel though not providing the same level of protection from the cold. There are gloves with thick fabric for the fingers with insulation to keep them warm. Of course, this bulkiness makes it hard to properly wield your rifle.

There’s a solution to that with these pop-top mittens. This is how they work. They operate as typical fingered gloves, but with a ‘hood’ that folds back and can be placed over your fingers to serve as a mitten when required. This makes these some of the warmest hunting gloves that can both provide protection for your fingers while still allowing you to get the full dexterity out of them.

There are downsides to this application however. When the mitten’s top is on, handling more delicate objects will be a little difficult. And when it is off, you’ll only have so much time before your fingers start to get rather cold, especially as the fingers for these aren’t very bulky. Luckily, instead of a Velcro like many similar mitten-glove hybrids use, the top of the mitten stays in place using magnets. This means flipping it on and off won’t give away your position. 

The versatility this provides makes handling your bow or gun much easier than you might be able to achieve through bulky gloves. The grippy palm insert helps out with this, for added grip on your weapon or prey even when wet. These are not waterproof unfortunately.

That’s enough as regards to the versatility. When it comes to the side of how well these can warm up your hands, you can rest assured that they will do a great job. With 80 grams of 3M’s Thinsulate insulation lining these gloves, you are guaranteed quality winter-proofing. The actual fabric of the glove is polyester, though fleece makes up the material for the cuff and the fingers. There’s even a pocket on the back of the glove to keep heated inserts.


Alaska Waterproof Hunting Glove

Regardless of whether you’re going hunting in cold weather for elk, deer, or birds, you’ll be kept snug with a pair of Alaska Pro gloves from Glacier Glove. Dexterity is a major consideration of theirs, but there is no compromise in providing significant warmth despite that. 60 grams of Thinsulate help to ensure that, making these some of the warmest hunting gloves you can buy.

They are constructed of a breathable membrane that will prevent your hands from getting clammy, while still being completely waterproof. The construction and materials that go into this ensure that your hands will never get wet. After all, wet hands are cold hands. They are windproof too, so it is sure to leave you cozy and dry inside them.

When it comes to grip, the palm of the Alaska Pro gloves is made of real leather, so that affords you some extra traction on whatever it might be that you’re holding. And despite its prowess in keeping your hands warm, pulling a trigger is no hassle with these on.

Finally, there’s an elastic cuff that extends beyond the wrist. This will help keep your wrists a little warm while ensuring that there is a tight seal locking off your hands and fingers from the cold.



If you love hunting and find yourself doing it particularly often in the late season, then getting yourself a pair of the warmest hunting gloves is a must. Having your hands in optimum condition can make the difference between making a shot and completely missing it. Your hands can be dexterous, warm, and steady when hunting, if you know the warmest hunting gloves for the job.

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