3 Best Winter Hunting Jackets of 2021

Nature doesn’t stop when winter comes around and this means that people who enjoy hunting have the chance to enjoy it year-round. It is important to be able to bear the cold if you’ll be going out in the winter, so a quality winter hunting jacket is vital.

Fortunately, this article will let you know the 3 best winter hunting jackets you can get to prepare you for the cold of the winter months. In addition to that, you’ll get to know more about what you should look out for in a good hunting jacket as well and what can affect its use.

What Makes a Good Winter Hunting Jacket?

A hunting jacket serves as a major barrier of protection from the elements that may relentlessly batter you when outdoors. Not only does it provide protection from the weather, but also from insects and other animals that may pose a threat. There are several styles, but you also want to get one that gives you an advantage with its camouflage. 

A good hunting jacket should have a color scheme and design that will help you blend well into your environment. For a winter hunting jacket, a lighter toned jacket is best if you’ll be hunting in an area with heavy snowfall.

You will also want enough padding to keep you warm in the cold and protect you from contact with animals. However, you’ll want the amount of padding not to be excessive as this can hinder your movement, particularly of your upper limbs. Mobility is integral when hunting.

Pockets and internal compartments will serve a hunter loyally. A jacket with thoughtfully placed and generously sized compartments will make taking your essentials easier when moving into the field.

It can be hard to find a hunting jacket that is entirely silent when you move around, but if you can get one that makes as little noise as possible, that would be best. Your game may hear you easily if your jacket makes rustling noises when you move.

Overall, the best winter hunting jacket is the one that will you keep you warm, protected, and stealthy.

Our Favorite Winter Hunting Jackets of 2021


SITKA Gear is a company that is definitely not new to the hunting gear business. They have quite a reputation for constructing high-quality, durable, but pricey, gear that gets the job done effectively.

This jacket is built with late-season hunting in mind. Winter is no problem for this jacket and even when cold winds are blowing furiously, you won’t feel a thing.

The inside of the jacket is lined with Berber fleece so it is extremely comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time, and will have no trouble keeping you warm with its soft touch. In fact, you might find that it keeps you too warm. You won’t need to wear too many layers beneath this, as it honestly is that good in keeping you all toasty on the inside. If you do find yourself getting too warm, opening the zippers can help vent some of the heat out and let the cold in.

Now that we’ve talked about its ability to keep you warm regardless of the biting cold outside, lets talk about how well it does as a hunting jacket. When hunting certain animals, such as deer, you want to be as quiet as possible. The rustling of a thick jacket will ring out through an empty forest. It’s great then that this is one of the quietest jackets you can buy right now. It is honestly that silent.

The light camo design on it makes it blend in nicely in those snowy forest floors, and with the aforementioned quietness, your stealth will never be compromised once you’ve donned this.

This jacket is expensive, and bar that high price tag, this might be the best winter hunting jacket. It comes in a variety of sizes and if you don’t have any special requirements for a jacket, then it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with this one.


While the SITKA option is a premium winter hunting jacket that you can’t go wrong with, you’ll probably want to look at other options if its above your budget. Thankfully, as a candidate for the award of best winter hunting jacket, this one from Badlands will do as much as the SITKA can, but at nearly half the price.

The considerations for insulation in the Badlands Venture jacket were more complicated than simply finding what would keep the wearer warmest. When hunting, the weight you carry can be major. The lighter you are, the easier it is to move around and take aim. This jacket finds an exquisite balance between weight and warmth without compromising on the other things you expect of a hunting jacket. In fact, if it gets too hot within, there are pit zippers to help vent you out.

The cold weather will have a hard time getting to you, even through cold rain and snow. This jacket will repel water and stains, which means you won’t get wet or soaked with blood when hauling a kill back.

On top of all of that, you have a soft micro-suede fabric exterior that stays quiet when you need it the most. The camo means you’ll stay hidden in woodlands, though it may stand out a bit if the location is heavily snowed in.

The single downside that can be pointed out with this jacket is that the sleeves are quite slim for the respective size you buy them in. You shouldn’t have a problem getting your arms through, but it’ll be a bit of a snug fit. That helps with keeping the warmth in, but it is probably best to go for a size larger.


It may sound like a broken record repeating the same thing over and over again, but keeping the cold out is the most important thing to expect from a winter hunting jacket. This one from Nomad does not let the cold in, and that’s a fact.

Made of polyester, the Nomad Scrape jacket manages to be cozy, warm, and extremely comfortable. That’s thanks to the ridiculously soft Sherpa fleece layer that traps air. It’s so comfortable that you might be tempted to forgo any layers and just wear it straight up. And to be honest, with the way this will keep you warm, you’ll have no problem doing that. 

You don’t need to worry about your scent getting too far either, as this jacket does an amazing job at keeping it locked in and kept away from the noses of prey. The noise this makes is kept low to, and with the camo pattern, you’ll be well hidden amongst bark and trees. Short of tasting or feeling you, you should go unnoticed by prey thanks to this.

Other features that are appreciated here are the deep (and numerous) fleece lined pockets and the hood that keeps part of your head protected from harsh winds.

Insulation, quiet, and scent suppression. This jacket is a great option for those stealthy hunting sessions, whether alone or with partners. The one complaint with this jacket is the water resistance. Yes, it is water-resistant but only under lighter rainfall. Once it gets torrential, it is best you get inside.


A hunting jacket is important to help yourself camouflage in the natural habitat of your prey. Scent, sound, and sight need to be considered so that you are as invisible as you can be to your game. A winter jacket will add a very important factor to this. A winter hunting jacket must also be warm. It should withstand chilly winds and snow without you feeling a shiver.

In your search for the best winter hunting jacket, you came across this article. These are three of the absolute best winter hunting jackets you can get in 2021. Go ahead and pull the trigger on one, winter hunting expeditions await you!

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