The Best Waterproof Hunting Boots of 2020

3 Best Waterproof Hunting Boots of 2020

The perfect footwear will enable you to get the most out of your hunting trip, as you don’t need to worry about cold or wet feet. Boots are some of the most important gear that you can take with you on your hunting trip. High quality boots will allow you to move quickly and give your feet the support they need.

If you are going hunting and you know it might rain or you will be moving through shallow streams and muddy fields, your boots will need to be waterproof. This will help keep your feet dry and comfortable, as there is nothing worse than walking around with wet socks and boots, which can cause chafing (or worse) and ruin your trip.

Our Favorites

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite waterproof hunting boots and get you on your way to your next great hunting experience.

1. The R RUNFUN Men’s Waterproof Hunting Boots 

R Runfun’s boots are very lightweight so they won’t tire your legs and feet after walking for a while. There is nothing worse than walking for some distance with super heavy boots, they can really tire your legs out.

These boots are insulated with 200G 3M Thinsulate, making them waterproof and also keeping your feet warm and dry.

The sole of these boots are slip-resistant so you will be able to walk with confidence while also supporting your ankles, making you even more sure of your step. They are very comfortable and adjust to your feet’s shape.


  • Size – Men US 7.5 to 14
  • Insulation – 200 gram 3M Thinsulate


  • Boots are lightweight
  • Sole is anti-slip
  • True to size


  • Seams may not be very strong
  • Waterproofing may not be as reliable as the company claims


2. The Huntrite Men’s Waterproof Hunting Boots 

With its 1200G Thinsulate insulation, you can be quite sure that your feet will be nice and warm with Huntrite’s option, even in frigid temperatures. Besides keeping your feet nice and warm, the boot is also waterproof. So you can walk through shallow streams and your feet will stay dry.

The soles are thick and non-slip, so you are able to walk and climb over a wide variety of terrain and the risk of slipping will be minimal, even in wet conditions. The boots are also on the lightweight side, so they won’t be dragging you down after a long day on your feet. The EVA interior sole also helps to absorb shock while walking, greatly reducing the impact to your feet.

So, these boots are definitely worth considering and you are even able to choose between two colors.


  • Size – Men US 8.5 to 14
  • Insulation – 1200G Thinsulate


  • Comfortable and keeps your feet warm and dry
  • Sole makes traction very secure
  • Durable and great for the outdoors


  • Too many hooks for shoe laces
  • Sizes might be a bit on the smaller side


3. The Manfren Women’s Waterproof Hunting Boot

When it comes to ladies boots there is quite a variety to choose from and it can make things a bit confusing. These boots are perfect if you are going hunting, fishing, or just taking a hike through the mountains. They are waterproof, so you will be able to walk through shallow streams or in the rain without the worry of getting your feet and socks wet.

The boot was designed to provide the best protection possible for your feet, from the rubber toe-cap to the extra support around your ankle. The sole is very rugged, so it has great traction on any type of terrain, minimizing your risk of slipping.

The midsole is made from EVA, which absorbs shock while you are walking, providing the best comfort for your feet. Even with all these features, these boots are so lightweight that they won’t be dragging your legs down.

Another great thing about these boots, is that you have a few different colors to choose from which is great.


  • Size – Women US 6 to 11
  • Insulation – 200G


  • Boots are lightweight
  • Added protection around the toe, heel, and ankle
  • EVA cupsole, provides stability and shock absorption


  • Too hot to wear during summer months
  • Shoes size run small
  • The nonslip soles may not offer supreme traction during overly wet conditions


Buyer’s Guide

All of these boots really seem like great choices for your next outdoor trip. We can all say that comfort is one of the biggest factors when you are choosing a boot. It needs to fit comfortably on your foot, otherwise it won’t make your trip fun. Durability and safety are also major points to look at, you don’t want a boot that will only last a few trips in the field.

Your boots should also be able to provide protection for your feet and ankle support is a great bonus as ankle injuries can be debilitating.

Of course, you also want to select a boot that fits into your budget.

The Top Pick

For women, the Manfen Women’s Waterproof Hunting Boot offers great protection for your feet. And it is waterproof, so you don’t have any worries about your feet getting wet. The sole has great traction on all types of terrain and it absorbs impacts well while you are walking.

The ankle support on the boot gives you peace of mind that you won’t twist your ankle easily should you take a tumble.

For men, we recommend the Huntrite option as it offers superior insulation for only a modest price increase.

Overall, they are both great boot options that are comfortable and sturdy.


We hope this buyer’s guide helps you make an informed decision! If you liked this one, check out our others too!

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